Experiencing Cultural Diplomacy Through Your Taste Buds: The True Italian Pasta Week

In collaboration with 32 restaurants, Berlin Italian Communication promotes the Italian cuisine and traditions in Berlin

December 09th, 2019

From the 18th to 24th November 2019, Italian Communication Berlin - an ambitious group of young Italian entrepreneurs - organized a week completely dedicated to the celebration of Italian pasta.
The event was organized in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Berlin and the Italian Embassy. The “True Italian Pasta Week” proved to be a great success - locals and tourists from across the world were able to experience a truly authentic Italian cuisine in one of the 32 restaurants that participated in the project.

For one week, some of the best Italian restaurants of Berlin decided to work hand in hand with the team of the Italian Communication Berlin and the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin, which is officially in charge of the promotion of Italian culture abroad. The menu of the event consists of a course of pasta (with a different specialty in each restaurant), an Italian drink, such as an Aperol Spritz, a Campari or a glass of wine and an Averna for 12 euros. In addition, various lectures were organized during this week, including a lecture about the educational value of taste by Professor Nicola Perullo and a tortellini and ravioli workshop which explained how to prepare home-made pasta.

The “True Italian Pasta Week” is one of the main initiatives organized by Italian Communication Berlin in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Berlin to promote authentic Italian culture and cuisine in Germany. The long-term objective of the True Italian project is to create a network of truly Italian restaurants not just in Berlin but across the country. In order to receive the stamp of approval by Italian Communications Berlin and thereby to become a part of this network, Italian restaurants have to prepare high quality dishes that are based on authentic Italian ingredients.

Chef Mimmo Bianco, owner and chef of Mozzarella Bar, explained that being part of the True Italian network and participating in its events has lots of benefits not only for the restaurant owners but also for their guests. True Italian’s events offer the possibility to promote the variety of Italian products on a local and international scale, thereby supporting young and ambitious Italian entrepreneurs while spreading Italian culture abroad. At the same time, Berlin’s locals and international guests will have the chance to taste the high-quality Italian food right at their doorsteps without needing to travel to Italy. According to Mr Bianco, Germans are among the most informed and curious guests about Italian culinary traditions because they often visit Italy and they appreciate Italian food.

“True Italian Pasta Week” and its possible future editions is therefore one of the best ways Italians can promote their culture abroad, which is represented by the simple and high-quality culinary dishes that the Italian chefs of Berlin prepared for this event.

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