European Integration as the Highlight of Berlin

The Blauer Bär Event in Berlin Dedicated to Promoting integration and civic engagement

February 07th, 2019
Alexander Stefanovic, News from Berlin
20190207_European Integration.jpg

The Blauer Bär event in Berlin, highlights the importance of European Integration. Berliners for their continuous civic engagement will be honored with the Blue Bear Award: Highlight of Diversity in the EU is a major theme of this event.

The entire concept of European solidarity will be highlighted during this event, as it brings together Berliners of all kinds as a voluntary will to further civic engagement during the process. The concept of voluntary engagement is thought to be a tool to increase the solidarity of Europeans alike.

From the first of February until March 27, 2019 proposals can be submitted for the winners of the Blue Bears 2019 Award. Berlin’s engagement is as diverse as the EU itself, which is a symbolic highlight of the Blue Bear Event. Naturally, Berlin is a location unlike any other for people of all backgrounds to come together and perform civic engagement as a voluntary contribution to society and to Europe itself.

The fields of the Blauer Bär event are diverse in arts; culture; sports; music; education/youth; large/small projects as well. The welcoming atmosphere involves everyone, from all ages and the idea of civic engagement is to acknowledge the time, creativity and energy to promote EU in society, which is part of the reward that will be given to the winners.

The Nomination and award by the Blue Bear towards the EU idea and projects offers up to a 2000 Euro cash reward for each award. The award ceremony will take place on the 9th of May, 2019.


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