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EU Association Agreements to Be Signed With Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

June 20th, 2014
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News from Berlin – The Federal Government approved the planned signature of EU Association Agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine on June 18th. Accordingly, the three European countries are to sign the EU Association Agreements on June 27th at the next European Council, which comprises of the heads of states or government officials from all the EU member states.

Georgia and Moldova have already initiated the EU Association Agreements at the occasion of the Eastern Partnership Summit, held in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, in November 2013. On a visit to both countries this April, German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier praised their accomplished progresses and the pace of reforms.

With regard to Ukraine, the political section of the agreement was signed at the margins of the March 21st European Council. But negotiations had stumbled upon the economic section, which notably involves the establishment of a comprehensive free trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

The EU Association Agreements correspond to a first phase to intensify economic and political ties with the EU by non-member states. The agreements involve a number of reforms that especially seek to improve the rule of law and respect for human rights.

Once the EU Association Agreements are ratified at the EU level, they must later be approved at the national level by the different EU member states.

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