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The Embassy of Andorra in Berlin


Address: Bergstraat 10, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel.: (+32) 2 513 28 06
Fax: (+32) 2 513 07 41

Email: ambassade@andorra.be


The Ambassador

Amb. Esther Rabasa Grau


Esther Rabasa Grau is an Andorran diplomatic representing the Principality of Andorra as Ambassador to Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and the European Union and has her office in Brussels, Belgium.

Rabasa Grau has degrees in Linguistics and started working as a teacher of Catalan, the national language of Andorra, in 1991. By 1992 she had been appointed general secretary to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Youth. In 1999 she represented Andorra as Ambassador to France and from 2003 she was the director of Vocational Training at the ministry of education in Andorra. In 2009 she became the director La Massana School in Andorra and since 2015 she has been representing the Principality in Brussels as Ambassador to Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and the European Union.


Relations between Germany and Andorra have traditionally been friendly. Germany was the fourth country to recognise Andorra after it adopted a modern, democratic constitution in 1993. On November 25th 2010, the two countries’ then Foreign Ministers Xavier Espot Miró and Guido Westerwelle signed a tax information exchange agreement between Germany and Andorra in Berlin. The agreement came into force on the 20th of January 2012.
In November 2011, Andorran Foreign Minister Gilbert Saboya Sunyé and the Vice-Chair of the Andorran Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Meritxell Mateu, travelled to Berlin, meeting with numerous representatives of German political and economic life.

The German Ambassador to Spain, H. E. Amb. Peter Tempel, is also accredited to Andorra. The German Consulate-General in Barcelona also serves Andorra. The German Honorary Consulate in the capital Andorra La Vella is headed by Cristina Palmitjavila Serra. There are currently some 300 German nationals living in Andorra.