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The Embassy of Andorra in Berlin


Address: Austria Korntnerring 2A/13, 1010 Wien Austria

Tel.: (+43) (1) 961 09 09

Email: Ambaixada_Austria@govern.ad


The Ambassador

Amb. Jaume Serra Serra

H.E. Ambassador Jaume Serra Serra is a distinguished diplomat and academic from Andorra, serving in multiple ambassadorial roles with a focus on enhancing international relations and cooperation. He was born on June 11, 1959.

Ambassador Serra's educational accomplishments are noteworthy. He holds a Master's degree in Management from the Business High School Carthage IHEC and advanced studies that include an MBA from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) and a Master's in Political Science from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). His commitment to continued education is further illustrated by his participation in specialized courses at Stanford University, the University of Michigan, Columbia University, and Yale University, covering a spectrum of subjects from Game Theory to Financial Markets.

His professional journey began with managerial roles in various sectors, including retail, electronics, and food services, within the Principality of Andorra. His leadership skills were recognized through his service as President of the Board for Forces Electriques d'Andorra and as CEO of Grup Quars Holding. Additionally, Ambassador Serra has contributed his expertise to the financial sector as a board member of Andbank and as part of the compliance committee.

Ambassador Serra's political and economic understanding paved the way for his entry into public service, where he was appointed Minister of Economy of Andorra in 1994. His political career includes serving as a Deputy of Parliament and Vice-President of various parliamentary groups, reflecting his deep involvement in the nation's legislative process.

His diplomatic career is just as impressive. He held the position of Andorran Ambassador to the Holy See, the Republic of Portugal, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Republic of Austria and to several international organizations, including OSCE, the U.N. Office at Vienna, and the CTBTO.

A firm believer in education's role in shaping society, Ambassador Serra has dedicated years to teaching Public Finances, Economics, and Business Administration at UNED (Universitat Nacional a Distancia) and has also taught at the University of Andorra's MBA program.

Fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, and Portuguese, Ambassador Serra possesses a profound ability to bridge cultures and foster dialogue. His professional memberships and leadership positions, such as the Secretary General of the Democratic Party, testify to his active engagement in economic and political arenas.

Ambassador Jaume Serra Serra's diverse career spans business, academia, politics, and diplomacy, showcasing his multifaceted expertise and commitment to serving Andorra and promoting its interests on the global stage.

Married to Rosa Peireto Torrelles and is a father to three children: Carme, Joan, and Maria.


Relations between Germany and Andorra have traditionally been friendly. Germany was the fourth country to recognise Andorra after it adopted a modern, democratic constitution in 1993. On November 25th 2010, the two countries’ then Foreign Ministers Xavier Espot Miró and Guido Westerwelle signed a tax information exchange agreement between Germany and Andorra in Berlin. The agreement came into force on the 20th of January 2012.
In November 2011, Andorran Foreign Minister Gilbert Saboya Sunyé and the Vice-Chair of the Andorran Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Meritxell Mateu, travelled to Berlin, meeting with numerous representatives of German political and economic life.

The German Ambassador to Spain, H. E. Amb. Peter Tempel, is also accredited to Andorra. The German Consulate-General in Barcelona also serves Andorra. The German Honorary Consulate in the capital Andorra La Vella is headed by Cristina Palmitjavila Serra. There are currently some 300 German nationals living in Andorra.