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‘’Duration of Change’’ - Exhibition of the History of Nobility in Silesia and Upper Lusatia from the 18th Century

June 03rd, 2014

News from Berlin - Silesia and Upper Lusatia this year are under the sign of nobility and on this year’s  occasion from May 25th to November 9th four exhibitions organized by two Polish and two German museums are devoted to this topic.

The exhibition at the Barbican Kaisertrutz in Görlitz, Germany will be devoted to the history of the nobility from the mid-eighteenth century. Along with the ongoing process of social transformation of the traditional elite it was found to be hard to maintain the existing hegemony. Visitors will be able to see the different representatives of the "modern" nobility differently responsive to the challenges of the era dominated by the bourgeoisie: industrialists and Junkers, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives and connoisseurs of art. There will be explanations of the specific legal relations and traditions prevailing in Upper Lusatia, divided between Saxony and Prussia. A separate place will be dedicated for the display of problematic nobility participation in the revolutions of 1848 and 1918, and its behavior during the ruling of the Nazi party. 
Palaces, mansions, gardens and noble mausoleums shape the landscape of today’s lands on the river Spree, Neisse and Oder.

The exhibition is prepared jointly with Silesian Museum in Görlitz and the Museum of Culture and History of the City of Görlitz. The entire exhibition will be complemented by the study room in Schönhofie, depicting history of the nobility of Upper Lusatia from the late middle Ages.

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