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Discover The Unknown Neighborhood Of Berlin’s Marzahn District

The Marzahn district presents a new vision of Berlin

May 13th, 2015

There are some amazing places to discover once you leave Berlin’s city center, places with direct links to history, nature and art. The Marzahn disctrict is a perfect example of this. The well-known Marzahn district, located in northeast Berlin, was founded in 1979 amongst a green and rural area. The suburb suffers from clichés and bad images, particularly because of the Communist-era housing estates and the rumors of an unsecure atmosphere. But if you take a closer look, the district is full of life, art and history. 

Today, the district is becoming more and more attractive for Berliners as well as for tourists, mainly due to Marzahn’s vibrant community. The district is home to Alte Börse Marzahn, a space dedicated to art and creativity. The Alte Börse offers space for events, meetings, workshops or readings. In addition, a harpsichord workshop, a yoga school and even a film production company are all available in the tolerant and colorful district.

For the eager visitor or the interested local, the town offers sceneries of historic buildings, such as the auction floor, the old freight station and the rail man’s house, which are all beautifully restored. For beer lovers, “Marzahner”, a craft beer brewed on site can be served and enjoyed with fresh coffees and light snacks.

Bicycle and hiking routes have been created and extended in recent years. With its many parks and green areas, Marzahn-Hellersdorf is a very green district. The ‘Gardens of the World’ in Marzahn Recreation Park, Bürgerpark, Schlosspark Biesdorf and Gutspark Mahlsdorf are just some examples. In 2017, the district will host the International Garden Exhibition, which is sure to open new doors for the Marzahn district. 


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