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Discover Italian Documentaries at the Babylon Cinema

January 22nd, 2014

Belfast through the Eyes of its most Unique Citizens

The Documentary “Il Librario di Belfast” gives you the chance to see Belfast like you’ve never seen it before


News from Berlin. January is, at the Babylon Cinema, “The Month of Italian Documentaries”. Every Sunday during this month a Documentary will be screened with the collaboration and sponsorship of the Italian Cultural Institute. This event will also take place in several other cities throughout the world where the Institute is present, and the documentaries will be screened in parallel.

The festival gives people the opportunity to get closer to the world of Italian documentaries, which has been growing and earning the respect of the critics and the film industry for the past 10 years. Italian cinema has obtained worldwide recognition; few people will not identify the Trevi Fountain scene in “La Dolce Vita”. However, Italian documentaries are still a great unknown to the wider public.

This Sunday’s screening, January 26th, will be “Il Librario di Belfast” by Italian director Alessandra Celesia. This documentary paints a picture of a city with a violent past; a city filled with human emotions and passion: Belfast. The director creates a very unique map of the city, one based on the people that live in it, the people that shape the city. The protagonists of the film are all unique individuals that show us the true essence of a city that has survived a war: a librarian without a library, a dyslexic Punk who loves opera, an X-Factor fanatic, the boy who has found a way to express himself through rap. This documentary offers an alternative tour of the city visiting the cozy living rooms, rundown bars, local barber shops, trendy clubs: the everyday spots that make Belfast what it is.

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