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Discover Indonesia through Art

The Europalia art festival will be centered on Indonesia this year

June 13th, 2017
Alessia Salzano, News from Berlin

Indonesia is ready to charm abroad as the guest country of the Europalia Arts Festival

Europalia, the grandest and most prestigious international arts festival, is intended mainly to celebrate the cultural heritage of countries. Therefore, the celebration is built upon four principal pillars: heritage, contemporary culture, creation and exchange. The next edition will be held in Berlin from the 10 October 2017 to the 21th 2018 at the Cultural Lounge of ITB. Featuring traditional music, different dance style performances, and the presentation of handcraft items, the festival will present the country of Indonesia through numerous vehicles, showing as well it´s unexpected and hidden sides to the European public.

The purpose of the festival is to show that the rich and extremely varied country of Indonesia is much more than Java and Batak. For this reason, visitors will have the chance to experience many opportunities ranging from viewing ancient statues to enjoying delicious culinary experiences, in order to better explore the roots of Indonesia and its cultural leitmotivs.
In addition, the festival offers to guests a unique opportunity to discover another continent, as well as to enhance better understanding among nations and stimulate cultural exchange between people.

All the visitors will have the chance to experience first-hand the enormous diversity of ‘the Emerald of the Equator’, through admiring never´before exhibited archeological and ethnographic treasures from the National Museum in Jakarta and with the support of interactive tools and technology.
Europalia will feature exhibitions and performances which includes a total of over 200 events in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany, Greece, and Poland.

The festival will be officially opened by His Majesty the King of Belgium and the President of the Republic of Indonesia in Brussels, on October 10th 2017.


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