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Die Finnen Sind Uns Fremd - Finnish Performance Festival in Berlin

June 05th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Theaterdiscounter is organizing a festival together with New Performance Turku Festival in Berlin 12.-15.6.2014. The festival brings Finnish performers in the midst of the Berlin public. The performances are held in English.


The performance group Oblivia is opening their brand new performance KA-BOOM, which reflects postmodernism in a theatrical journey.  As the group announces postmodernism to be over, they do it with the mission to do something new. The performance is concentrated on a retro futuristic view, having three cornerstones: passion, paranoia and peculiarity. Followed by Tero Nauha, who is a solo performer with a story of a small mining town being affected by the neo-liberalistic economic reforms in Europe and a special focus on Eastern Bloc countries. Bytom, “Detroit of Poland”, is experiencing changes and a wider transformation.  LIFE IN BYTOM is a melancholic, but yet enchanting story, bringing up the issues of privatization, unemployment and social problems. In addition, Choreographer Maija Hirvanen tells the story called ON ICE. The protagonist is a cheerleader, in an ice hockey game of Finnish National League teams of TPS and HIFK.  She is conflicted with issues such as identity, femininity and humanity. The performance goes through 49 actions and 49 movements, enhanced with shouting.

More information can be found on Embassy of Finland in Berlin web pages.

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