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Deutsch-Französisches Fest: a "Jour de fęte" in Berlin

The 53th edition of the popular French-German feast is taking place from June, 19th at the Zentralen Festplatz

June 30th, 2015

This event, a combination of tradition and entertainment, has become one of the main celebrations for the French-German community in Berlin.

In 1962, when the first time the event took place, the aim was to develop more friendly relations between the occupying forces and the occupied population of Berlin. The Centre Français, which was based in Wedding, then an area under the control of the French Army, was headed by William Capoen at the time. As director of this organization, Capoen wanted to enhance cultural exchange through music, food and game. Later, in 1976, the French Military Government of Berlin, together with the municipality, decided to reanalyze the concept of mutual exchange and cooperation with the aim of projecting this event onto a larger scale.

The festival has been located in the context of a village representing different regions of the "Hexagon", as France is usually named referring to its geographical shape. Moreover, a wide program of events has been planned: similar to previous years, there will be several stands offering culinary specialties from both France and Germany, as wells as stages hosting jazz singers and an amusement park including 150 attractions for families.

In conjunction with the celebration in Paris, it will be possible to take part in the traditional fireworks show planned for July 14th, commemorating the Bastille Day and the beginning of French Revolution. For those who cannot take part during the week, firework displays will also be held every Saturday. The last day will be July 19th.

It is undoubtedly a great occasion for French children born in Germany to feel closer their roots and for Berliners in general to live, at least for the one day, "La vie en rose".



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Gloria De Rosa, Berlin Global