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Destination Berlin For The 2015 Champions League Final

Thousands of football fans will descend on Germany’s capital to witness two teams battle it out for the cup

May 07th, 2015

Berlin was buzzing last night with the semifinals game Bayern vs Barcelona. It was 3: 0 for Barca. You can feel it in the air; it’s going to be a big celebration on June 6th with the German capital hosting the UEFA Champions League. CNN claims that the 90-minute finals match will provide a $39m boost to Berlins’ economy. Souvenirs, accommodation, transport, food and beverage sales will contribute to the city, when thousands of newcomers will have the chance to discover the unique city.

June's festivities will only make up a fraction of the overall profit generated by the Champions League this season. Traveling fans have spent millions as they follow their teams around Europe, generating $261m of income for host cities. British clubs Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City could all have made an extra $1.4m for their respective cities if they had passed the final 16, whilst semifinalists Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus have brought home $6m to their home towns.

So now it is time for Berlin, which with its multicultural atmosphere and undeniable charm, is a perfect place to host this championship. Another great opportunity for building intercultural dialogues in the nation too. Sports diplomacy is the use of sport as a means to influence diplomatic, social, and political relations. It can transcend cultural differences and bring people together, as we see in most matches in football.

The finals will kick off in the Olympiastadion; the 77,000 seat venue that hosted FIFA's 2006 World Cup final. The semifinals will continue next week, with the second legs taking place on 12 and 13 May. 


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