Democratic Spaces

The South African Embassy in Vienna is co-hosting an event to mark the 30 years of post-apartheid

May 28th, 2024
Alice Gnappa, News from Berlin
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The South African Embassy is co-hosting an event in partnership with the Architekturzentrum Vienna. They welcome the attendance of members of the public interested in an event reflective of South Africa’s journey over the past 30 years from an apartheid to post-apartheid landscape.

A presentation of contemporary and site-specific projects from the fields of architecture, urban research and planning, to mark 30 years of post-apartheid South Africa.

How has the South African architectural landscape changed over the last 30 years? What democratic spaces have emerged and what are the challenges they face? The event presents pioneering architectural projects and addresses the social, economic and political impact of the post-apartheid era on urban and spatial development.

With: Thomas Chapman (Local Studio) ZA; Nadia Tromp (Ntsika Architects) ZA; Khensani Jurczok-de Klerk (Matri-Archi(tecture)), CH/ZA

Moderated by Anne Graupner, urbanist and architect, AT/ZA

Architekturzentrum Wien - Podium

Architekturzentrum Wien I Museumsplatz I | 1070 Vienna

Admission free


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