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Delicanto Festival Brings Different Cultures in Berlin through Food

The most delightful festival in Berlin created a colorful mosaic of people coming from all over the world to bring their best specialties.

July 15th, 2016
Georgi Zografov, News from Berlin

Nordic embassies in Berlin held an open evening with the participation of the Finnish ambassador Ritva Koukku-Ronde. The evening began with a discussion on nordic design, moderated by Thomas Böhm.

Thanks to the collaboration between the non-profit institution Berlin City Foundation and members of the German Parliament, the Delicanto - "Here is eating the world" Festival took place in the famous Royal Berlin Porcelain Manufactory from July 2nd to 3rd 2016. During the festival every lover of delicious and exotic delights could taste and feel the culture and traditions of near and far countries.

Cuisine is a very important theme in the field of cultural exchange. Almost 50 Berlin-based embassies presented on a large "marketplace of nations and generations" their different cultural essentials. Every country showed culinary specialties of its region, accompanied by traditional drinks, music and dances. The festival also promoted peace, tolerance and cosmopolitan dialogue among nations and generations.

Citizens and visitors in Berlin acquainted with a variety of national arts, cultures and cuisines, as well as tourism opportunities in these countries. The main goal of the event was to bring together the embassies and the capital with the cosmopolitan flair of people from different continents to a colorful cultural mosaic.

In Berlin and Brandenburg live about 860,000 inhabitants with a foreign background.  Because of Berlin’s multiculturalism, Delicanto was a platform for dialogue and to encounter people of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Moreover, the Festival provided an opportunity for reciprocal cultural exchange and promotion of the artistic and culinary diversity of the German capital.

During the main theme of the festival, other subjects came into discussion. Sustainable food, healthy eating, malnutrition, vegan and vegetarian food were thoroughly analyzed and discussed thanks to various events.

There were also special themes for younger guests like "Colorful and healthy with Theo - Tasty meal for children", “Water as a food”, “Everything valuable - Enjoy cross-filed fruits and vegetables”. These presentations were organised by the non-profit Organisation “Together eV”.


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