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Daimler AG – All Around the World Partnership

Daimler and “Engineers Without Borders”

September 07th, 2018
Olena Momotko, News from Berlin

The Daimler directors claim: “Global presence means also global responsibility”. It`s not only one-sided help. Environmental aid helps to gain more influence and that is what we can count as “all around the world” success.

On each continent we still can find tribal traditions of living. The aim of a developed society is not to change this, but to supply those with essential conditions and create a place of community for the tribal dwellers, without destroying their cultural heritage. The project "Engineers without Borders" is launched with aim to interact the under-developed environment. The great example is the “Gramodaya” project in India to sustainably improve village life in Hudisahi, make sanitary and electricity facilities for locals. The young but well-educated team of student-engineers is brought there to use their know-how in solar electricity, water supply, power generation, education and infrastructure.

In addition, Daimler AG is helping earthquake victims in the Himalayan region and hurricane affected regions in U.S. Thousands of people there would have stayed in devastated houses threatened by hunger, lack of water and infections. without ponderable financial support of the company.

Apart from mentioned above, there are still a lot of nature and population protection, education projects which they have launched as well. To be more specific, we should mention the actions to support the “Global Nature Fund’s” project to restore mangrove forests in southern Asia and protection for the karst bioregions. Mangrove forests are crucial for the survival of animals and human beings, that live along the coastline, as they prevent storm surges. As for karst regions, they play a key role in preserving the following economically important benefits of ecosystems: water for drinking and irrigation, forest and agricultural products, tourism, and recreational values. Eco Karst is making an important contribution to the sustainable development of the karst bioregions — the mountain ranges called the Dinaric alps, the Alps, and the Carpathians.

The whole picture of charity and developing programs of Daimler shows us the smartest strategy of entering new markets while simultaneously at the same time helping the environment.


News from Berlin