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Czech Center Berlin Presents Documentary Night: ‘After the Silence’

May 16th, 2014
Czech Center Documentary Movie Night.jpg

News from Berlin - On May 19th the Czech Center in Berlin is organizing a documentary night with political and social content, presenting a film by Vanina Vignal regarding the aftermath of Romania’s dictatorial era. The view that the fall of a dictator is not the end of the dictatorship is displayed in an easy-to-follow way by Vanina Vignal in her documentary ‘After the Silence: What remains unsaid does not exist?’. The director aims to reveal the traces left behind by government oppression and power abuse in Romania. According to the director, 20 years after the death of Nicolae Ceausescu his spirit is still present.

The director recalls some decisive moments in her life when she met Ioana, a Romanian woman, in Bucharest in 1991 (Ioana participates in the documentary). This was after the year when the coup had taken place, and their conversation concentrated on the then-current situation and events apart from the dictatorship from which the county had recently been liberated. Vanina continues with stating that she got to study Romania’s problems from the inside by visiting her friend Ioana and her family often after she finished her studies. This experience helped Vanina Vignal to display and explain in her own way the topic of silence and fear in her work.

Vanina Vignal will be present at the screening, which will be followed by a discussion. This event organized by the Czech Center is worth everyone’s attention for the main reason that it can give a clear idea of the post-dictatorship status of Romania, from a director’s viewpoint that has understood the situation from the inside. The discussion that follows will also enable the audience to interact with the director in positive ways for both sides. Admission is free for this event and the documentary will have English subtitles.

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