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Cultural Configurations from Our Century

May 07th, 2014

News from Berlin - Do we live in a world with multiple cultures or with no cultural differences anymore? What is the meaning of a word like heterogeneity nowadays? How can we combine heterogeneity with power or inequality? What is the role of communication in the age of communication?

All these questions will be discussed by Dr. Alejandro Grimson during an interview that will take place on 12th May in Berlin. Dr. Grimson was born in Argentina in 1968. In 1996 he completed his Bachelor in Communication Sciences, followed by a Master in Social Anthropology. Finally in 2002 he received his title in Doctor of Anthropology.

His career as a professor in different seminars, from bachelor degrees to master studies has lasted for more than 20 years in several universities in South America (Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico).He has also taken part in some research projects, such as the“The political activity in the popular neighborhoods in Buenos Aires” or “Global Civil Society Movements: Dynamics in International Campaigns and National Implementation”, which was supported by the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development.

This event, organized by the Ibero Amerikanisches Institut in Berlin, will take place at Projekthaus desiguAldades.net and it will be held in Spanish and English.

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