Country in Focus: Chile

The American country will occupy the leading place in Berlin’s International Film Festival

July 08th, 2019
Álvaro Abadía Verdú, News from Berlin
20190708_Country in Focus Chile.jpg

Chile will be the “country in focus” in the European Film Market section of the Berlin International Film Festival in 2020.

The Berlin International Film Festival is an event of great importance. It gives the attendants the opportunity to enjoy films and it gets also the artists to interact with producers, investors and filmmakers from the rest of the world. In 2020, the festival will celebrate its 70th edition, in which for the first time ever a South American country will occupy the leading place in the European Film Market section of the festival. In previous editions, countries such as Canada and Norway have already been honored with this recognition.

The Chilean Ambassador to Germany, Cecilia Mackenna, stated that the audiovisual sector in Chile has opened a new and important dimension in the relationship between Chile and Germany. This new tie is now evident with the “country in focus” program, launched in 2017 and whose goal is to present in depth each year the film industry and artists of the given country. This special platform, coupled with the Film Co-production Agreement between the two countries signed by President Sebastián Piñera during his visit to Germany in 2018, demonstrates the strong connection that has been created between both countries.

The Chilean audiovisual industry is going through one of its best moments, as its productions have obtained numerous awards and recognitions worldwide. The Chilean Secretary of State has clarified several times that the Chilean government will always support and the artists the necessary tools so that they can continue doing their work. The aim now is to export their productions beyond Chile’s borders.


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