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COOL2014 Brings Finnish Men to Berlin

April 16th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On May 6th, The Finnish Institute in Germany will present Finnish culture in Berlin as part of its COOL2014 satellite program, which was the Guest of Honour of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014. Those interested can take part in the program by visiting the Finnish Institute, which is housing the exhibition 50+ by the Finnish artist Riitta Supperi between May 6th and May 27th.

The exhibition consists of portraits of men and reflects upon how a 50-year-old Finnish man might view himself, as well as what his dreams and desires might be, and to what extent these have been realized in 21st century Finland. The portraits were taken in many different locations in Finland. Supperi, born in 1974, formerly worked as an art director before embarking on a career as a photographer. Indeed, this professional background is reflected in her artistic work.

The COOL2014 program is coordinated by the Finnish Institute in Germany and was created together with numerous cooperation partners, including the Finnish Embassy in Germany. The program through to the end of the year and presents aspects of Finnish culture, science and society to the whole of German-speaking Europe.

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