Contemporary art exhibition “Roma Women Weaving Europe” at ERIAC and RCI Berlin

Between March 21 and July 30, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture, will celebrate the Roma women from across Europe in a contemporary art exhibition and a series of related events

April 25th, 2019
Margareta Calugher, News from Berlin
20190425_Contemporary art exhibition.jpg

The exhibition is designed under a unique concept for two spaces, that of the RCI Gallery and that of ERIAC Berlin, which are on the same street, one at number 14 and the other at 41.

Mihaela Cîmpeanu (RO), Mihaela Dragan (RO), Alina Şerban (RO), Ana Maria Gheorghe (RO), Kiba Lumberg (DE), Delaine Le Bas (UK), Malgorzata Mirga-Tas Rigova (SK), Selma Selman (BiH), George Vasilescu (RO) are the artists who will present their work.

Recently, issues associated with gender inequality have become a central theme of debates, many powerful women making their voices heard against a patriarchal world. The impact of gender inequality affects about 6 million Roma women in Europe. They are the ones who face intersectoriel discrimination, on the one hand as women, on the other, as members of a stigmatized ethnic minority, presenting a high risk of social exclusion.

The daily struggle of Roma women has become the foundation of the development of Roma feminism as a movement against injustice. This movement of Roma women in Europe was formed in response to the lack of representation in search of a voice articulating the needs and collective interests of Roma women. The "white" feminist movement has proven to be unrepresentative of the wishes of these women, as the predominant feminism agenda did not include the perspective of Roma women. Currently, Roma feminism represents a significant branch of the contemporary Roma movement, struggling for equality at the intersection of ethnicity with gender.


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