Concert Series “So klingt die Gegenwart!” Presents the Second Performance

Fama Q(uartet) will perform in Czech Centre Berlin with a repertoire comprised of classical, modern and contemporary music

February 04th, 2019
Kristina Jochmannová, News from Berlin
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The second concert of the series by Fama Q will carry out the program with which the ensemble debuted in the chamber series of the Czech Philharmonic in the spring of 2018. In Berlin the program will be performed on February 13th on Wilhelmstraße 44 at the Czech Centre Berlin at 7 pm.

The ensemble members, David Danel (violin), Roman Hranička (violin), Ondřej Martinovský (viola) a Balázs Adorján (violoncello), will stage the pieces from various historical and musical styles. The classical pieces by Joseph Haydn, the world class composer, will be put into contrast with the work of contemporary Czech composers Jan Klusák and Miroslav Srnka through the String Quartet D minor “Quinten“ Op. 76 No. 2 by Haydn from 1797, Klusák's String Quartet No. 7 “Soliloquies of Philoctetes” from 2015 and String Quartet No. 3 "Engrams" by Srnka from 2011 which are going to be heard.

Fama Q(uartet) was formed in Prague in 2005 when the players, also members of the Czech´s major orchestras, were brought together by shared enthusiasm for chamber and quartet music. The ensemble presents mostly compositions by contemporary authors as well as compositions by young Czech and foreign composers and traditional quartet repertoire.

Concert series So klingt die Gegenwart! presents to the Berlin audience Czech contemporary music and puts it in the context of Czech and world music of the past centuries. Its aim is to demonstrate the oneness of the music. The concert series will be held in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin.


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