"Two Peruvian Poetic Voices": the Embassy of Peru in Berlin promoted National Poetry

The celebratory event featured national poets Patricia Colchado and Luis Alfonso Cruz

June 07th, 2024
Anita Marsiglia, News from Berlin
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On May 21, 2024, the Embassy of Peru in Germany, in collaboration with the association “TierrArtes Perú e.V.”, based in Munich, organized the recital and discussion “Two Peruvian Poetic Voices” in the “Maria Reiche” hall of the Diplomatic Headquarters, with the national poets Patricia Colchado and Luis Alonso Cruz.

Patricia Colchado, who is currently active in the Munich cultural scene, has published the following collections of poetry: “Blumen” (2005), “Las pieles del edén” (2007), and “Ciudad ajena” (2015). In 2017, she published “Calendario Lírico/ Lyrische Kalender”, while her latest work is the collection “Ningunlado/Nirgenland” (2021). Luis Alonso Cruz is an Industrial engineer with a degree from the University of Lima and a PhD in Education from UNINI Mexico. He has published several books, included “Tetrameron” (2003), “Hombre Fractal” (2018) and “Jardín Mecánico” (2020).

During the event, the audience enjoyed the poets' recital, presented in both Spanish and German, showcasing their most remarkable works. Patricia Colchado recited poems from her collections “Ciudad Ajena” and “Ningunlado/Nirgenland”, while Luis Alonso Cruz declaimed poetry from his works “Hombre Fractal” and “Jardín Mecánico.”

There was also a discussion with the audience, during which the authors shared their sources of inspiration and the creative process behind their work.

The evening was accompanied by the musical duo “Kunan”, made up of musicians David Sandoval (guitar) and Renán Cerón (guitar and mandolin), who performed pieces from the Peruvian musical repertoire.



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