Chicano Art Exhibition has Been inaugurated in Berlin

The Embassy of Mexico Inaugurated a Unique Exhibition on the Art of Mexican-Americans, the Largest One in Germany

May 03rd, 2023
Biagio Drago, News from Berlin
20230503_Chicano Art Exhibition.jpg

The Ambassador of Mexico in Germany inaugurated this private exposition with artists, diplomats and Mexican communities. A huge opportunity to get to know Mexican culture.

There are 54 pieces by 29 Chicano artists located at the Instituto Cultural de Mexico in Germany located in Berlin at the Mexican Embassy. The inauguration was made by the Mexican Amb. in Mexico and Francisco Quiroga has introduced the private AltaMed, exhibited for the first time in Germany.

The Ambassador pointed out "Chicano art is a vibrant testimony of a community that struggles daily in a duality of identities, syncretism and a spirit of survival." An extraordinary occasion to understand the contribution Mexican people have given in the USA. A story of integration in a Country, Germany where a quarter of the population comes from a migratory background.

The works allocated in the exposition belong to the AltaMed company collection. Castulo De La Rocha, the founder of the Company during the opening night on March 3rd said “are part of a bold, festive, imaginative, profound and influential art, like the Mexican-American migrant experience” according to Christina Sánchez, vice president of public relations for the company.

The name of the exhibition is inspired by CARA (Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation), the first event of Chicano art presented in 1985 at the height of avant-garde movements.

Representatives of the Chicano community, members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Germany, and people from the Mexican community in Germany participated in the opening.


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