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Celebration of the 66th Birthday of the UN Founding Charter

October 27th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The date of October the 24th was established as United Nations day in the year 1948. This organization, which currently has 193 Member States, has scheduled several events throughout the world to celebrate their big day.

This year, the celebration of United Nations Day will not take place in Berlin; it will be instead be celebrated with the German population in Bonn. In recent years this city has become one of the most important UN German locations, particularly if we take into account the fact that 18 of the 25 German UN offices are located in the city of Bonn.

Although the United Nations (UN) was founded on June 26th, 1945, it was on October 24th of that the Founding Charter entered into force, after being ratified by China, France, USSR, UK and USA and other signatories. In the Charter, also known as "the constitution", Member States were (and still are) committed to ensure and maintain world peace, promoting relations between states, improving, among other things, quality of life with special emphasis on Human Rights.

Nowadays, the German role in the United Nations is substantial: among its main activities are the reform of the Security Council, the reorganization of the institution in order to be more effective or the creation of the "One UN" concept , which looks for efficiency and equality in matters such as the environment or development.

The fact that the offices of a representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and a liaison office of the International Labour Organization (ILO) are located in Berlin, shows that the relationships between the institution and Germany are, above all, strong and reliable.

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