Celebrating Zimbabwe's Independence through Unity and Diversity: a Poetic Call to Action

Vongai Monica Mujakachi's Poem "Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo" Inspires Zimbabweans to Build a Stronger Nation Together

April 29th, 2023
Daniela Desantis, News from Berlin
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On the occasion of Zimbabwe's Independence Day, the Zimbabwe Embassy in Berlin hosted a celebration to commemorate the country's liberation from colonial rule and to promote its culture and values. As part of the event, Vongai Monica Mujakachi's poem "Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo" was recited, calling for unity and diversity as the keys to building a stronger and more prosperous nation.

Zimbabweans all over the world marked the 43rd anniversary of their country's Independence Day on April 18th, 2023, a day that symbolizes the end of colonial oppression and the beginning of a new era of freedom, equality, and self-determination. To celebrate this historic occasion, the Zimbabwe Embassy in Berlin organized a special event to showcase the best of Zimbabwean culture, music, dance, and cuisine, and to honor the sacrifices of the country's heroes and heroines who fought for their people's rights.

As part of the festivities, a standout performance was a recitation of Vongai Monica Mujakachi's poem "Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo,", which means “a Country is built by its people”, a powerful and evocative call to action that urges Zimbabweans to work together to build a brighter future for themselves and their children.

The poem opens with a description of Zimbabwe as a land of abundant resources and natural beauty, created by the hands of its people. It emphasizes the importance of diversity, acknowledging that each person has a unique role to play in the nation's development. The poet draws on biblical imagery, comparing Zimbabweans to the builders of the Tower of Babel, who worked together to achieve a common goal, and reminds them that unity is their strength.

Varidzi vayo tisu

Tisu tinoti kana tati ivakwe

Woitwa muonera pamwe

Haivakwe nevachabva kumwe

Kanzatu kanzatu pazviviri tichaumba zvitatu

Sango rinopa waneta

To build the tower of Babel,

The men worked together.

Zimbabwe our motherland cries in vain for the same Unity!

Unique is diversity,

A rainbow nation it creates,

Diversity is incomparable strength,

Before building commences,

The starting line is joining our hands together!

The poem then moves on to celebrate Zimbabwe as a home for all its citizens, a place where their hearts and souls reside, and a source of pride and identity. It invites everyone to contribute to the nation's growth and development, using their talents, skills, and knowledge to create a better future for all. The poet encourages Zimbabweans to invest in all sectors of the economy, from agriculture and mining to the arts and tourism, and to take pride in their cultural heritage.

Savagari chedu kumira mira

Isu nezvivakiso tova zvinamira

Taurai zvakanaka pamusoro payo zimbabwe

Mukaishambadza maivaka namabwe

Each one of us has a role to play

With sweat let us pay

Add one more brick for construction,

What can you do?

Let's combine our abilities,

Reason together to build our nation.

In conclusion, the poem calls on all Zimbabweans to join hands and build a strong and welcoming nation, filled with unity, harmony, and endless possibilities. It reminds them that they are the owners of their destiny and that together they can overcome any challenge. The audience was deeply moved by the poem's message of hope, resilience, and community, and gave the poet a standing ovation.

Our nation is rich in cultural history

Let's take pride in it

Let us paint a beautiful picture of it

Let the Tourism industry come to life

Let the world know of our beautiful nation

Take a look at Victoria, Falls,Mosiatunya, the smoke  that thunders.

Inyanga,Kariba Dam

Not forgetting Great Zimbabwe


Bulawayo Amphitheater

Till sunset I can list and talk of their rarity!

Overall, Vongai Monica Mujakachi's poem "Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo" is a testament to the power of words to inspire, unite, and transform. It encapsulates the spirit of Zimbabwe's Independence Day, celebrating the country's past achievements and future potential, and calling on its people to work together towards a brighter tomorrow.


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