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Celebrating Nordic Football Teams

Nordic Embassies Will Host World Cup Viewing Party in Berlin

June 08th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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During the World Cup final from June 14th to July 15th, the embassies of Iceland and Denmark will celebrate the football festival with Icelandic, Danish, and German fans.

As both Iceland and Denmark have qualified for the World Cup this year, the Nordic Embassy’s Felleshus will be hosting a public viewing to celebrate. The Embassies are inviting football fans, spectators, and World Cup fanatics to come together and discuss the Icelandic and Danish teams in what they are calling a “cozy and sporting environment.”

The two Nordic World Championships will also be celebrated and accompanied by food including Nordic beers, Icelandic burgers and Danish hot dogs. At the inauguration of the Nordic embassies in 1999 Queen Margrethe spoke about the cooperation between Nordic countries and cited a new motto, “individually and together.” Today the embassy notes that this motto which represents the history and relations of the Nordic countries also applies to the world of football too. Whichever team one might root for, everyone is invited to the embassy to celebrate the game of football and to enjoy the competition of the sport.

Details about the times of each match can be found on the embassy of Denmark’s website and they also note that if any of the Nordic teams qualify for the knockout phase they will show their matches as well. They ask all interested participants to keep an eye out for news on their social media pages and main website as well.

The embassy also notes that the Felleshuset will only be able to host a certain number of fans. If the embassy becomes filled, the Felleshuset will not be allowing more fans to enter. For safety reasons fans are asked not to bring backpacks, bottles, or glasses to the event as they are prohibited.


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