Celebrating Indian Independence Day With A Movie

Special film screening to celebrate the independence anniversary of India, here in Berlin

August 08th, 2019
Oana Călățean, News from Berlin
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With the occasion of the Indian Independence Day that will be celebrated in 15th of August, the Embassy of India in Berlin is organizing a special film screening, at its venue. A classic of Hindi cinema by now, “Swades” is based on the true story of a man who returning to his homeland in India discover the reality of poverty and lack of technological advancement in remote parts of the country.

This year, on 15th of August India will celebrate the 72 anniversary since independence. The choice to project “Swades” is for sure not by chance, as the movie address the theme of gandhism. As it is well know, Mahatma Gandhi, was the major figure of the Indian fight for independence for decades, against the colonial rule. The theme of gandhism is reiterated in the movie through the search of progress at all levels in society, technological as well as social. Produced back in 2004 by Ashutosh Gowariker, it was considered ahead of its time, being welcomed by the critics. It was and still is seen as a vehicle for social change, and as a journalist from Telegraph noticed that it is indeed a real success to create a mainstream movie by emphasizing the importance of electricity to the well being of a rural community.

The screening of the movie will take place in the 20th of August, being a public event, open to the large public, the movie will be run in Hindi with subtitles in English. The movie send a beautiful message, that for real advancement in a country, social and technological progress need to work hand in hand.


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