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Bottoms Up! Take a Sip of Canadian Diplomacy

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday with Beer in Berlin

June 23rd, 2017
2017_06_23 Bottoms Up.jpg

The Canadian Embassy is co-hosting an event with Escarpment Labs in Berlin in honor of a special brew titled “Confederation,” created by Muted Horn for Canada’s 150th birthday this year. The event is titled “Canada 150: Confederation Beer, Meet the Yeast Maker” and is free and open to the public: an invitation to taste a unique beer created specifically to celebrate Canadian culture and flavors. The event is taking place on June 26th from 9pm to 2am at Muted Horn bar in Neukolln.

Escarpment Labs is the first Canadian independent yeast lab and the co-founder will be leading a discussion at the event, reflecting on his experiences in Canada and brewing Canadian beers around the world. This unique opportunity to taste Canadian beer while speaking with its creator and other experts on Canadian culture is an interesting example of cultural diplomacy through drink and candid conversation.

The use of beer to attract individuals to Canadian culture and heritage in Berlin is fun and relevant to the summer atmosphere of the city. This event can be seen as a good example of attracting youth and a diverse crowd of individuals interested in beer and Canadian culture; moreover, by having the event outside of the embassy and at a bar, this creates a welcoming, down-to-earth opportunity to learn and engage with Canadian culture.

More information on the event can be found on the Facebook event page (found on the Canadian Embassy’s Facebook page).

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