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Berlin Beer Week 2016

Explore and experience Germany’s beer culture and traditions

July 21st, 2016
Georgi Zografov, News from Berlin

One image of Germany is of a country with a diverse beer culture. The excellent beer quality, reputation, old beer traditions and history make Germany famous for its beer all over the world. Beer is an inseparable and major part of German culture. German people consider beer as a national treasure because over the centuries it has played an important role in establishing good relations between the country and its neighbours.

Beer is a cultural symbol of Germany and from 22.07.2016 to 30.07.2016 Berlin will showcase the German beer culture. For 9 days the understanding of the cultural background of the country can be done through its national drink. Special beer gardens will be built in the whole city and during the entire period of the event different activities will take place like the first German Cruise Ship Craft Beer Festival. The cultural aspects of the beer are evidence of the important cultural and social role it plays, especially in Germany. 

Every region in Germany has its own specific beer and during Beer Week in Berlin 2016 the big colourful variety of beer and its cultural heritage will make the German capital a centre of cultural diplomacy. Because beer is not just a simple beverage to the Germans, it brings people together and it is always an interesting and passionate topic of conversation.

Beer is the most appropriate and famous drink for informal occasions and discussions. A good intercultural exchange can be accomplished while sharing a beer. This is in the roots of cultural diplomacy itself. Some people say that the beer is indicative of the character of the man who drinks it. This is important when you want to know more about the people around you and build a good interpersonal relationship with them.

Social and cultural exchanges contain traditional practices. One of them is "Bier trinken mit Freunde" (drinking beer with friends). If you want to experience the German version of Happy Hour – “Feierabend” and to meet people from different cultures and nations you probably should visit Berlin Beer Week 2016. During the event every visitor will feel the traditional cultural spirit of Germany through its national drink.


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