“Benvenuti a Berlino” – A cycle of meetings for Italians

Italian Embassy helps newcomers to the capital to integrate

August 09th, 2019
Simona Losito, News from Berlin
20190809_Benvenuti a Berlino.jpg

Italian Embassy has promoted a cycle of meetings by which it provides information for Italians who want to know more about the German social system. Every event has a specific topic and the next one will be about the German school system. Meetings are mainly directed to all Italians who have recently arrived in the capital, but also to whom resides longer.

The goal of the meetings is to give useful and essential information about what needs to be done to better integrate in the German system. On 22th August will be held the fourth meeting near Italian Embassy in Berlin. Events are organized in collaboration with the magazine “Il Mitte - Berlin newspaper for Italian speakers”. The moderator of the meeting is Lucia Conti, the director of the newspaper.

In the first part of the evening school managers and Italian teachers from Italian and German schools will provide general information addressed to parents on how to place their children inside the school system. In the second part information will be provided for teachers on how to fit into the school structure. It is important that fellow citizens help each other to make easier the integration in a city with a different social structure.


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