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Bangladeshi Farmer Creates Largest Germany Flag

July 14th, 2014
Bangladeshi Creates Largest German Flag.JPG

News from Berlin - Maybe Amzad Hossain, a 63 year old farmer from a small village close the city Magura in Southwest Bangladesh is the biggest fan of the German national team in South Asia. Because of this man the highest German diplomat in the country, Ferdinand von Weyhe, drove five car hours from the capital Dhaka to Hossain’s village to meet him.

The diplomat went to meet Hossain to honor him in name of the German government and to award him with a lifelong membership in the official fan club of the German national team. He also received a official certificate of thanks from the German Embassy and a football shirts. The ceremony was followed by hundreds in the stadium of Magura with dozens of journalists and photographers. The story of Houssain and his picture in the German football shirt made front page news in the Sunday papers in Bangladesh.

Reason for the countrywide attention was the 3.5 km long black red and gold flag which Hossain had sewn and had given a fortune for. Hossain said that he wanted to express his love for his favorite team. For the work he contracted three sewers and 150 000 Takas worth of material, which is around 1400 euros. To be able to pay for the material he sold some of his land.

Houssain’s love for the German national team has a history. In 1987 Hossain had a kidney infection which he had been told was incurable. He had severe pain and was in anguish. The father of ten was first able to cope again through a medicine with the label ‚Made in Germany‘. Since then he has been a loyal German football fan and knows no limits to his commitment.

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