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Auto.Diktat Group Challenging Perception of Reality

October 31st, 2014
20141030 Auto diktat. A video exhibition.jpg

News From Berlin - From now until Sunday November 2nd the group Auto.diktat will present a selection of their video works in an underground art and music space called West Germany, which overlooks Kottbusser Tor. They use a multitude of formats and screens; challenging the viewer’s perception of reality, non-reality and conceptualism.

Auto.diktat is a group of autodidact artists, meaning they are self taught. They believe that you can learn everything from yourself and from what you encounter within the group you work with. Kamikatse, May Ocher, Peter Baecker and Kris Kind are the four didactic artists whose video work is a testament to the flourish of the DIY ethic in Berlin. Ultimately they threaten to bring down the walls of academic privilege that have protected the contemporary art world with hierarchies for too long.

The Auto.diktat group showcase a sense of independence, a spirit last seen during the punk era. Emerging punk bands began to record their music, produce albums and merchandise, distribute and promote their work independently and outside of the established music industry system. Their desire for independence was so extreme that they often performed in basement shows in residential homes rather than in traditional venues. This was in order to avoid corporate sponsorship and ensure their creative freedom. Houses and other private venues were often the only places these bands could play as many venues tended to shy away from more experimental music.

The video exhibition will then go on for three days and entrance is free everyday.

You can find more information in the website http://autodiktat.net/

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