“Australia Now”

Year-Long Program to Promote Australian-German Relations

June 14th, 2017
Raquel Alberto de la Fuente, News from Berlin

“Australia Now”, a long-standing initiative launched by the Australian Government, aims to share and promote Australian culture all around the globe.

Focusing on expanding the understanding on Australian culture at a specific country each year, Germany was selected to be the project’s host for the year 2017. Australian Ambassador Lynette Wood launched the “Australia Now” initiative in Germany on January 26th 2017 with the aim to further enhance and strengthen Australian-German cultural relations.

Even though Australia’s Embassy in Berlin already claims to have a “warm and significant bilateral relationship with Germany”, Australian commitment to cultural advancement is permanent. Not only is the Australian government focused on continuously increasing their economic partnerships with Germany, but on expanding creative cooperation as well.
Therefore, from February to November 2017, everyone in Germany is invited to experience Australian culture through events ranging from traditional music concerts, to culinary experiences, photography exhibits, dance recitals, etc. at various venues around Germany.

Furthermore, individuals and groups from all segments of Australian society will pay the Australian Embassy in Berlin a visit to discuss a range of pressing societal issues. Visitors include multiple Australian entrepreneurs; societies such as the Delegation of Indigenous Community Representatives; political figures such as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, the Hon. Barnaby Joyce, as well as other distinguished Australians and Germans.

This continued flow and exchange of cultural information from the Australian community towards the Germans is a clear act of cultural diplomacy and will surely serve as a tool to bring both countries closer together.


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