Australia and Germany extended their Research Network Agreement

The two Countries decided to Empower and to Extend their Agreement about the “AGRN ''

May 04th, 2023
Biagio Drago, News from Berlin
20230504_Australia and Germany.jpg

Economy, research and development, digitization in education, smart cities, space research, and bioeconomy are only a part of the topics that Germany and Australia are going to work on together after this agreement.

The Australian Embassy in Berlin and the German Embassy in Australia are going to be the protagonists of this renewed agreement. In fact, the two States had already signed “AGRN” in the past but in April of 2023 they decided to strengthen the cooperation between them. 

The goal is to continue growing in specific and strategic sectors, reinforcing existing research connections and providing a platform for developing new relationships. An opportunity to improve the affairs both economically and diplomatically but as well creating a network always much more efficient and wider.

In addition, there will be an upgrade also for the communication networks. The two Embassies are going to empower a newsletter: the “AGRN newsletter”. A platform in which people will receive updates about the successful bilateral collaboration, upcoming events, policy development, and research funding in both countries.

It has been implemented a system where citizens can become a part of this network through the newsletter, the website and periodic interviews with important members of this professional Research Network.You could find these interviews on the websites of the Embassies.


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