Austellung/Exposition: the Universe of Ariol

Through a playful exhibition for children, the French Institute in Berlin invites you to discover the world of Ariol, created by the illustrator Marc Boutavant and the writer Emmanuel Guibert

September 04th, 2019
Simona Losito, News from Berlin

The exhibition presents album profiles with character presentations, lithographs and an animated film on the evolution of Ariol and his friends over time and on the work process of its creators, from comics to cartoons. The exhibition will be held from 3 to 28 September at the Gallery of French Institute in Berlin, "House of France" and entry is free of charge.

Ariol is a French comic strip written since 2014 by Emmanuel Guibert and designed by Marc Boutavant. It takes its name from the main actor, a young anthropomorphic ass. The comics are published in German by Reprodukt-Verlag.

The two creators are perfectly able to identify themselves with the children's point of view and bring this camouflage back into their comics. This allows their creations to be addressed not only to children but also to adults. In fact, even the biggest ones are depicted in comics through an incredible realism that allows the comics to not transcend reality.

There will be workshops on comics offered by Alex Chauvel, author of Reprodukt, a comic book company. For the needs of the new season of Ariol comics, Emmanuel Guibert has composed songs that will be presented on September 28 in the "Ariols Show" addressed to all audiences, where he will play with the characters of Ariol.

The comics are translated and published by the German company Reprodukt and are also successful in Germany. Through the world of children, two cultures have come together to convey a great message of Cultural Diplomacy.


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