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Australian and international art exposed at the Michael Reid

August 15th, 2019
Gloria Algarotti, News from Berlin
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Sabrina Wittmann and Auste Serapinaite

The art gallery Michael Reid, residing in the heart of Berlin, was open to the public from August 16th until September 20th 2019 for a group exhibition of contemporary art by multiple Australian and international artists living and working in Berlin.

The event was named “Berlin Dreaming” and its exhibiting artists were all well famed and had held exhibitions worldwide: Konstantin Dery from Hungary, Marion Fink and Theresa Möller from Germany and Arryn Snowball, Lucy Dyson and Brett Weir from Australia. The event was supported and sponsored by the Australian Embassy in Berlin, with the intention of promoting Australian art and culture and to create a cultural link between the two countries.

The Michael Reid represents an ideal space for hosting artists of different nationalities, as it is namely more than just an art gallery. It is a meeting point where artists, and anyone who is interested, gather to exchange opinions and discuss the arts, a passion they all share. Located in Berlin-Mitte the gallery was opened in 2013, as the main artistic hub and point of reference for Australian artists in Europe, its headquarters based in Sydney.

The Berliner gallery permanently displays the best of Australian contemporary art and it is an entry point for European collectors and art-enthusiasts. Besides showcasing and representing the Australian culture, the gallery welcomes the works of all artists in order to present the diversity of all cultures and create a dialogue between them, a significant feature of the city Berlin itself, which is also reflected in the reality of our globally interconnected society.

The Michael Reid brings together artists and artworks from all around the world and forming bridges between people, lands and cultures. Art is a transcultural human practice, understood and performed worldwide from the earliest times. The worship of beauty and harmony is present in every society. Art is a free medium of expression of the self and able to overcome language and cultural barriers. Artworks from any artist can be perceived and interpreted by any audience, regardless of origin and cultural background. Furthermore, art is able to provoke its spectators, to make them think critically and can stimulate discussions about the social and political climate of today.

The function of the arts as a means of cultural diplomacy can be observed nowhere better than in the city of Berlin. The metropolis is an internationally famed artistic hub, where artists from all around the world gather to work together. The international, multicultural and diverse population makes Berlin vibrant, dynamic and unique.


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