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The Embassy of Armenia in Berlin


Address: Nussbaumallee 4; Berlin, D-14050

Tel.: (+49) 30 405 091 0

Email: armenia.berlin@mfa.am


The Ambassador

Amb. Viktor Yengibaryan


Mr. Viktor Yengibaryan, on November 5, 2021, was appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Federal Republic of Germany. Born in Tallin on July 11th 1991, he has a Master’s degree in in Transnationalization, from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Ruhr University Bochum (Germany), in addition to other diplomas from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (USA) and the State University of Jerewan (Armenia).

He served as last position, from 2019 to 2021, as Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, "Mein Schritt" parliamentary group Member of the Standing Committee on European Integration Head of Delegation in the PA EURO-NEST (2021) Head of the Armenian-Austrian Parliamentary Friendship Group Associate Delegation Member NATO PA Member of the Commission for Partnership and Cooperation between the European Parliament and the National Assembly.



Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Federal Republic of Germany were established in January 1992.

The relationship between Germany and Armenia has always been stable and solid, with both countries continuing to work together. The leaders of both countries' have discussed bilateral relations and noted that they have considerably improved over the last few years.

Germany made steps to recognize the Armenian Genocide in 2005, during the rule of the Socialist-Green coalition led by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. However, while calling on Turkey to accept its "historic responsibility", the German government declined to use the word "genocide". In 2015, public discussion about the Armenian Genocide and the explicit usage of the term "genocide" in official language has seen a large increase in Germany.

In March 2015, the German Federal Foreign Office reported positive political, economic and cultural relations between both countries. Armenian soldiers have been attached to German contingents during their deployment in Afghanistan. The division was guarding the coalition airport in the northern city of Kunduz.