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Architect Talk - Finissage Woodland Sweden

Architect Talk will close the exhibition about contemporary wooden architecture at AEDES Architecture Forum

October 04th, 2018
Andrea Kacirova, News from Berlin

The five Nordic Embassies in Berlin will host Architect Talk - Finissage Woodland Sweden to celebrate the end of exhibition, followed by a reception at AEDES Architecture Forum. The event will take a place on October 11th at 16:00 in the cultural centre and event venue Felleshus.

Architecture with emphasis on natural materials, such as wood, played always a huge part in the Nordic culture. Now you have an opportunity to learn more about Nordic countries by attending the event in Felleshus, part of unique Pan Nordic Building, which is complex of 5 embassies - Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, arranged geographically and communal building Felleshus, where you can find the entrance to the complex, canteen and the cultural center.

Well-known architects from both Sweden and Germany will discuss on a topic wood as a building material. Oskar Norelius, Erik Persson, Juan Lucas Young, Andreas Kopp will answer questions like What are the architectural challenges, obstacles and opportunities for wood constructions? Can be wood ever used in such a way as concrete and steel? And what are the current project?

After the talk, there will be opportunity to visit the exhibition “Woodland Sweden” accompanied by the architects and join a finissage reception at AEDES Architecture Forum, Christinenstr. 18/19, 10119 Berlin. To attend the event, it is necessary to register via by 8 October the latest. The entrance is free.


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