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Bantou Village: the Other African ‘Embassy’

An Intact Piece of Cameroon in Berlin Shares the Culture of its Country

May 30th, 2016
Julie Essertel, News from Berlin

Situated on the street named after Cameroon, the restaurant Bantou Village is the African culinary ‘embassy’ in Berlin where European and African gather to enjoy the main African dishes and enjoy warm meetings.

Together with the different African embassies of Berlin, the restaurant works on propagating the African culture and bringing people together. If the embassies work during the day, the restaurant takes over at night time and becomes a places where people can exchange, talk around some famous African dishes. Every night from Monday to Sunday for twelve years, the restaurant is full of people thanks to the warm atmosphere orchestrated by Suzanne Ekale. This beautiful and colorful place is a place that cannot be missed, whether you are a tourist or you live in Berlin.

In an interview for Sopieprod TV, the manageress who is called ‘Ma Su’ by her guests (‘Cameroonians’ Mom) says that she invites all Cameroonians from Germany and from the world to come and help her at the restaurant or simply to come by and say hello. Besides, she insists in the ethnical diversity of her guests, saying that everyone is welcome in her restaurant. And indeed, the interview show African people and European people enjoying the ‘friendly atmosphere, the nice music and the good food’. Many Cameroonians explained that they feel at home in Bantou Village and many European exclaimed how excited they are about discovering Cameroon’s culture.

Bantou Village is a place of shared cultures and interests gathering people around food and the culture of Cameroon.


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