Ambassador Yanagi Discusses Japan's Climate Commitments in Berlin

Discussing Japan's Environmental Commitments with Secretary Jennifer Morgan and preparing for COP29

July 02nd, 2024
Mateu Aspa, News from Berlin
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On June 14th, Ambassador Hidenao Yanagi of Japan visited Jennifer Morgan, the Secretary of State and Special Representative for International Climate Policy at the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, for a courtesy visit aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation between Japan and Germany on climate change initiatives.

During the meeting, Ambassador Yanagi reiterated Japan’s unwavering commitment to tackling climate change. He detailed Japan’s comprehensive strategies and policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable development. These initiatives are part of Japan’s broader effort to align with global climate goals and contribute to the international community’s collective action against climate change.

The discussion between Ambassador Yanagi and Secretary Morgan was timely, given that it took place shortly after the 60th session of the permanent subsidiary bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn. This session brought together delegates from around the world to advance technical and policy aspects of the climate agenda. Ambassador Yanagi sought Secretary Morgan’s insights on the outcomes of this session and how they might influence future climate negotiations.

Secretary Morgan, who will be visiting Japan next week, shared her perspectives on the progress made at the Bonn session. She highlighted the importance of continued international collaboration and the need for countries to present more ambitious climate targets. The exchange of views also touched upon the upcoming COP29 World Climate Conference, scheduled to be held in Baku later this year. Both representatives underscored the significance of this conference in driving forward the global climate agenda and ensuring robust commitments from all participating nations.

By engaging with key policymakers like Secretary Morgan, Ambassador Yanagi demonstrates Japan’s commitment to playing a constructive role in global climate governance. His efforts are indicative of the broader diplomatic mission of the Japanese embassy in Berlin, which is dedicated to advancing shared interests and tackling pressing global issues through dialogue and cooperation.

This visit not only underscores the importance of bilateral relations but also highlights the critical role of diplomacy in addressing global environmental challenges. As the world looks towards COP29 in Baku, such engagements will be crucial in shaping the outcomes of international climate negotiations and ensuring a sustainable future for all.


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