Ambassador Wu Ken Emphasizes International Solidarity at Chinese New Year Concert

Cultural Bridges Built Through Music at Berlin Philharmonie's New Year’s Event

April 22nd, 2024
Snejana Melnic, News from Berlin
20240422 Ambassador Wu Ken.png

As the Chinese New Year festivity unfolded, Ambassador Wu Ken extended an invitation to a significant cultural event at the Berlin Philharmonie, hosting a concert by the China National Traditional Orchestra. Addressing a crowd of dignitaries from the political, economic, and cultural sectors, Ambassador Wu Ken expressed gratitude for the longstanding and friendly collaboration between China and Germany.

In his address, Ambassador Wu Ken reflected on the Chinese New Year's deep-rooted familial solidarity and societal cohesion traditions. He expressed his aspiration for these sentiments of unity to resonate worldwide. "If family members live and work together in harmony and peace, the family will flourish and succeed," he declared, suggesting that this principle could be extrapolated to international relations.

Ambassador Wu Ken drew parallels between familial harmony and state-to-state relations, aligning with China's proposed vision of a global community with a shared future. He further celebrated music as a universal language that bridges cultural divides, hoping the concert would symbolize this bridging of cultures and peoples.


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