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Allianz partnership with SOS Children’s Villages International

The partnership is part of the Allianz "Encouraging Future Generations" program

September 04th, 2018
Ilaria Zornada, News from Berlin

The Allianz partnership with SOS Children’s Villages is part of the Allianz "Encouraging Future Generations" program. The goal is to promote the safety and development of children and young people and to build a strong future generation that is able to seize opportunities, overcome challenges and be an active member of their society.

Thanks to the partnership between the company and SOS Children's Villages, Allianz has contributed to the development of the Emergency Preparedness Program.

With a new approach to disaster management, the program’s aim is to minimize all the risks, related to the weather or conflicts, for the inhabitants and communities of regions where institutions are weak and resources are limited. It combines cutting-edge tech, user-friendly information, tailor-made emergency packages and a network of trusted local stakeholders.

There are 3 key concepts: preparedness, quick action and recovery

As risks and natural disasters are unexpected, an effective disaster management is necessary. The program aims to reduce the reaction time of local staff by providing them with essential materials, first aid and evacuation training, as well as emergency communication tools. Geo-informatics experts developed a warning system to track the risk exposure of each SOS Children's Village and keep users informed and connected.

Quick Action
During an emergency, chaotic circumstances make it difficult to coordinate aid. The staff of the Emergency Preparedness Program enable the quick action of local stakeholders by providing them with access to real-time information about the ground, such as damages or evacuation route blockages. With the information flow, the staff can share essential data among themselves, as well as with other aid organizations.

Two things are needed immediately after a disaster: basic supplies and psychological support. The emergency packages provide necessary supplies such as food and medicine and social workers offer psychological support and assistance in the recovery process for children and communities in the SOS Children’s Villages and surrounding communities.


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