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Alexanderplatz and TV Tower Attract Tourists Every Day

June 27th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Alexanderplatz is undeniably one of the must-visit places in Berlin as it is a hub of historical events and cultures from all over the world. Having started as a cattle market in the Middle Ages, Alexanderplatz has been a place of military parade and a training square which received its name in honor of the Russian tsar, Alexander I, when he visited the city in 1805. More recently, it was the place where over a million people gathered in protest against the GDR regime on November 4, 1989.

Alexanderplatz represents the cultural, social and historical crossroad in the center of Berlin. Its touch of modern shopping nature and meeting point was enhanced by the construction of the S-Bahn in 1882 and the underground railway in 1913. The WWII left it in rubble,  which led to its reconstruction into the pedestrian area it is now.

Apart from its historical role it has played for centuries, Alexanderplatz is a cultural hub, vibrating with the color of cultures from Berlin, Germany, Europe and all over the world. Festival participants, professionals, street performers and amateur artists take a chance at the square to showcase their talents and art. The famous world clock which was built by the GDR to show the time in places where its citizens could not even dream of visiting, is one of the most famous meeting spots in the city. This is also the place where numerous free and paid city tours commence.

Another sight to be seen on Alexanderplatz is the 365-meter TV tower, the Fernsehturm. The tower is the highest structure in Berlin topped with a globe where visitors can enjoy marvelous views of the city.  

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