African Food Festival 2019

An event celebrating the culinary wonders of Africa

July 08th, 2019
Constanze Veronika Locker, News from Berlin
20190708_African Food.jpg

Different food stalls offer different food from all around Africa and will be accompanied with music such as Afro House and Afro Beats.

The food festivals will showcase healthy and delicious African food in Berlin. This event is aimed to bridge the gap between modern African street food trends and authentic African cuisine. Dished ranges from BBQ to vegan and will feature food from East to West Africa and from North to South. Ultimately, the goal of this is event is give Africa a new image – show new angles of the continent.

The African Food Festival 2019 is a festival for the whole family. Mom and Dad can enjoy the food and music while children can play in play areas. It will take place from the 31st of August to the 1st of September 2019.


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