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ADIDAS Deals with the Violation of Human Rights

ADIDAS successfully established a mechanism of a third party complaint process in 2014

September 06th, 2018
Maria Mochalova, News from Berlin

The famous sports apparel brand company ADIDAS has been repeatedly accused of noncompliance with human rights of their employees. In order to prevent the possibility of exploitation and to achieve the adherence of the human rights norms ADIDAS created a special program that allows a third party to begin a human rights complaint process.

ADIDAS is a German global company with a headquarters in the Herzogenaurach and employs almost 60, 000 people in more than 100 countries. ADIDAS has a long history of not only being one of the top providers of quality sport wear for both leisure and sport, but also of scandals connected with the violation of the human rights during the production of their various products.

The general statements of ADIDAS include an emphasis on the sustainability, social responsibility and the fair compensation to the workers in the supply chains in terms of wages and benefits. ADIDAS also takes into account the question of vulnerable groups, child, forced and migrant labor, but also women in the supply chain.

In order to match with the official statement of the recognition of the human rights and satisfy the workplace standards, in 2014 ADIDAS launched a special mechanism of the third party complaint process that has to prevent the obedience and to emphasize the problems that could not be seen easily. In general, everyone can raise the issue based on the real facts by contacting ADIDAS.

The further step is the examination of the issue. ADIDAS provides the statistics of the cases with the further description of them according the geographical origin of the complaint, the nature of the third party (individual/community group/local&international&joint Trade Union or NGO), and by all means also the total amount of cases and the amount of solved and unsolved cases.

To illustrate commitment to corporate responsibility, every single case also has its own summary that further explains the details of the complaint and the outcome, where ADIDAS provides detailed information about steps that were taken in-between the third part and the ADIDAS.


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