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Achtung Berlin! New German Cinema in Berlin

March 27th, 2014

News of Berlin - The tenth edition of the ‘Achtung Berlin!’ film festival begins next month at three different locations in Berlin. The event, which takes place from April 9th until April 16th, is the third largest film festival in the German capital and generally shows films that have, at least in part, been shot in Berlin or Brandenburg. Here, a combination of short and feature films are shown, as well as documentaries regarding life and culture in the area. This gives audiences the opportunity to watch films that have been developed by young and rather unknown artists, as well as famous and established directors and actors. ‘Achtung Berlin! – New Berlin Film Award’ also incorporates a competition with awards in six categories.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the organisers have stipulated that this year will see most films centre around the theme ‘Berlin-im-Film’. This entails presenting films that focus on Berlin and its developments. Here, the last 25 years will be focused on in order to show how the city has changed over the years. This entails structural aspects, as well as cultural and social transitions. The festival will not only include films, as it will furthermore incorporate workshops, interviews, panel discussions and parties throughout its week-long duration. News from Berlin - Berlin Global