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A Sino-German Dynamic - Spontaneity in Berlin's "Chinese" Heart

Berlin's Chinese Cultural Center is set to host a jazz concert that may foster connectivity between German and Chinese people

August 29th, 2016
Ionuț-Eugen-Radu Sava, News from Berlin

A unique jazz improvisation concert is the main attraction this week at the Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin. The event on Sunday, 28th of August 2016, is set to begin at 7pm, and is expected to bring into light a combination of Chinese traditional music, composition, free jazz and improvisation.

The dynamic of the evening will be maintained by Xu Fengxia (China), Jan Klare and Dirk-Peter Kolsch (Germany) who will present to the local public a concert meant to initiate Berliners into the mystique of Chinese culture and Chinese traditional music.

Established in May 2006, the Sino-German Shangyin Trio turns Chinese instrumentalist music into an odyssey about contemporary life. By means of this strategy, the Trio - in time - managed to bring into our perspective old songs whose lyrics may find their roots in the Song Dynasty, regional operas or ballads from Northwestern China or Inner Mongolia (i.e. Lanhuahua).

By combining saxophone, for instance, clarinet, flute or jazz drums and percussion, the elements of jazz indicate a spontaneity which resembles improvisation and Western influences. Therefore, a unique musical style emerge which is it not highly appreciated by the German public.

On the other hand, this style has been catalogued as the "new international style of music" and as "an embodiment of Chinese blues sounds, filled with the passion for gambling of musicians and a fascinating echo which causes the listener to vibrate" by the German press.

Xu Fengxia, constantly expanding her music vocabulary and developing her musical style, has been tagged as a "pioneer of free improvisation of traditional music" which has encouraged people to consider her as a cultural ambassador of Sino-European "bridges".

Officials of the Chinese Cultural Center say that participants will "feel the unity of heaven, earth and man, and experience the fascination of symphonic music, which knows no borders between East and West, North and South".

Those interested in the event are requested to book a reservation in advance.


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