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A Place to Surf and to Remember

August 11th, 2014

News from Berlin - “The Patagonia is a challenging lover, it haunts you, it bewitches you, it wraps you with its arms and it does not let you go”. Those verses are by the English novelists Bruce Chatwin and can be read in the trailer that promotes the film Tierra de Patagones (Land of Paragons) the film that will be screened in the Sommerkino Kulturforum the 21st of August at 21.15. The surfers and filmmakers Joaquín and Julián Azulay spent six months in the Patagonia with native people filming its incredible landscape. They completed their challenge of surfing in the southernmost area of the world: Isla de los Estados (Staten Island) in the Tierra de Fuego.

After Their first film “Gauchos del Mar”, the two brothers did a risky surf trip to the Southern part of the Patagonia. It was an expedition into the wild, conversing with the people from that region of Argentina. During that time, they were sleeping in a tent and driving a truck that brought them closer to the flora and fauna. Azulay brothers had to fight against the adverse weather and a sea inhabited by whales, penguins and sharks. Their ultimate destination, they must sail through Beagle Channel and across the Strait of Le Maire.

They try to raise passion for travelling in the viewers. Although they also thought about searching for new waves in Africa, they chose finally Tierra de Fuego due to the lack of information that can be found regarding this area. Desolation and solitude, but also amazing views and new and different ways of living were all filmed in this documentary with 75 minutes of excitement.


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