A Night at the Eunic Austria Music Festival 2024

Vienna’s Eunic Austria Music Festival 2024 featured a performance by Thessaloniki-born singer and composer Alexia Chrysomallis

June 04th, 2024
Yevheniia Symakova, News from Berlin
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On April 26th, the Eunic Austria Music Festival in Vienna featured a performance by singer and composer Alexia Chrysomallis. Originally from Thessaloniki, Chrysomallis performed for an audience of over a hundred people in the fully booked concert hall of the Sargfabrik.

Chrysomallis’ music combines energetic rhythms with nostalgic melodies, reflecting the essence of Greece. Her blend of traditional sounds with contemporary influences created a dynamic and emotionally engaging performance.

The Greek Embassy in Vienna organized the event as part of the annual Eunic Austria Music Festival. This year’s festival focused on jazz and recent trends in the European improvisation scene, bringing together various musical talents from across the continent.

The EUNIC Music Festival provides a platform for fostering cross-cultural connections between cultural institutions and international musicians. Each year, it showcases a variety of musical styles, promoting unity and cultural exchange through music.

Expanding on the festival’s significance, EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) operates as a network of cultural institutions from EU member states. The organization promotes cultural diversity and mutual understanding through collaborative cultural projects. By showcasing artists like Alexia Chrysomallis, the festival highlights individual talent and emphasizes the role of cultural dialogue in fostering a cohesive European identity.

In addition to the performances, the Eunic Austria Music Festival includes workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities for artists and cultural professionals. These activities support the festival’s role in promoting emerging trends and fostering innovation within the European music scene.

Alexia Chrysomallis’ performance aligned with the festival’s mission, demonstrating how music can connect people from diverse backgrounds. Her blend of traditional Greek music with modern elements resonated with the audience and celebrated the rich tapestry of European music.


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