A Fresh Perspective on the Ordinary – Photographs from Berlin and Melbourne at the Embassy of Australia

“In the space between our houses” – exhibition aiming to show the quiet attempts to break free of development and commercialization

July 08th, 2019
20190708_A Fresh Perspective.jpg

On July 3rd, 2019, the Embassy of Australia in Berlin organized an opening reception of the photography exhibition by Australian photographer Paul Langmead. The photographs from Melbourne and Berlin offer a different perspective on the ordinary.

Paul Langmead became interested in the character of urban landscapes after spending part of his childhood in Africa. The artist graduated with a degree in 'Photomedia' from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia, and has been documenting the subtleties and contradictions of urban life ever since. Paul Langmead is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

“In the space between our houses ...” – the new exhibition shows photographs by the Australian artist at the Embassy of Australia in Berlin. The images capture the zeitgeist of two of the ‘most liveable’ cities in the world - Berlin and Melbourne - from the perspective of the streets and show the quiet attempt of resistance to advancing commercialization.

Many guests attended the opening reception. Those who have not made it, can see the exhibition until August 30, 2019 during the opening hours of the embassy.


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