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2nd German- Italian Innovation Conference

The conference takes place at the Embassy of Italy in Berlin and at the CityCube Berlin

November 12th, 2018
Federica Caliò, News from Berlin
20181112_2nd German- Italian Innovation Conference.jpg

The Italian embassy in Berlin and the Citycube Berlin will host the 2nd German- Italian Innovation Conference, in order to present the Italian policy framework and to support innovation and digitalisation.

The nature of public services is changing thanks to digital technologies. This is very useful if we think that, with this unprecedent volume of data in hand, governments, businesses and residents, can find new ways to optimize the current systems. Nowadays, utilities have to face a lot of changes in their market structure and policy framework; and national governments are launching "smart-city" initiatives to promote technical innovation and new applications of the internet.

Italy and Germany are very active in the field of digital policies, and the 2nd German-Italian Innovation Conference has the purpose to present the Italian policy framework to attract foreign investors, in addition to introducing the Foreign Investment Unit of the ITA (Italian Trade Agency), in order also to help them to expand their operations and find new investment opportunities.

The event will start at the Embassy of Italy in Tiergartenstr. 22, Berlin, on November 20th, 2018, and it will continue the day after at the CityCube Berlin in Massedamm 26, Berlin. You can register for the event on the website:


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